QuixSep Micro Dialyzer

The QuixSep™ Micro Dialyzer is a simple, low cost device which can use membranes "right off the shelf" to dialyze samples too small for dialysis tubing. Most equilibration times average 30 minutes to one hour for simple dialysis of salts or buffer exchange. QuixSep is also reusable, helping keep bio-hazardous waste to a minimum – and cost per use very low.


The QuixSep Micro Dialyzer is a two-piece capsule that securely locks a small membrane sheet in place with a push fit. One or more loaded QuixSep Micro Dialyzers placed into a stirred beaker and stirred vigorously will result in a greatly accelerated dialysis rate. The membrane and sample are protected from damage by the lid/collar. Without opening the capsule, sample is quickly removed by puncturing the membrane with a pipet tip or syringe, and directly aspirating the sample from the chamber.

Four Easy Steps

Fill Well with sample.

1. Sample volume should fall between 50μl and the maximum volume marked on the QuixSep chamber, leaving a space for an air "bubble" to form, which will facilitate mixing.

Push to assemble.

2. Center a prepared one-inch square dialysis membrane over the well. Push the collar over the membrane until it meets the flange, locking the membrane in place.

Note: Multiple QuixSeps can be used in the same beaker, depending on the size of the beaker.

Stir and tumble vigorously.

3. Place the loaded QuixSep into a stirred beaker. Adjust the stir bar speed so that the capsule tumbles continuously, allowing the air bubble to mix the sample. Allow at least 1/2 hour for each 0.1 ml of sample. Exact equilibration times must be determined by the user.

Pierce membrane to aspirate sample.

4. The sample is best recovered by puncturing the dialysis membrane with a pipet tip or syringe, and directly aspirating the sample.

QuixSep units can be cleaned by glassware washing machines and laboratory detergents. Ultrasonic cleaners may be used, provided the QuixSep unit does not rest upon the transducer diaphragm.