New 5ml Size Quixsep 5ml Dialyzers Dialyzer Demonstration

YOU ASKED FOR THEM… NOW HERE THEY ARE! The new 5ml QuixSep® Dialyzers… with the same proven benefits of our QuixSep Micro Dialyzers, only larger to suit your dialysis needs.

ECONOMICAL - Each dialyzer can be re-used hundreds of times, keeping your cost per procedure lower than any other device in the market. You can use membranes you may already have on the shelf, or our pre-cut, low-cost Cellu-Sep® brand membrane squares.
VERSATILE - You are not limited to a specific MWCO, as with competitive dialyzers. You can use any membrane that is at least 55mm wide, and in any MWCO available. Membranes can even be cut from a roll of membrane tubing that you may already have on hand, as long as the membrane, when open, is at least 55mm wide. Or we can supply you with Cellu-Sep pre-cut membrane squares in three MWCO’s.
ENVIRONMENTALLY FRIENDLY - No disposable cassettes or cartridges to add to your ever-expanding biohazard waste.
FAST - 45 mm diameter membrane surface ensures a fast, complete dialysis procedure.

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QuixSep 5ml Dialyzer

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