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MFPI proudly presents its line of dialysis products featuring Cellu·Sep® Regenerated Cellulose Tubular Membrane. Cellu·Sep T-Series Membranes are manufactured in a broad range of molecular weight cut-offs and flat widths. Ideal for sensitive applications, Cellu·Sep H1 High Grade Membranes are specially prepared, ultra-clean and shipped wet. Try out our convenient Dialysis Accessories, designed to help lend a hand with many dialysis procedures. Use the membrane of your choice “right off the shelf” with our easy to use QuixSep® Micro Dialyzers. Please refer to the Product Part Numbers provided within each product listing.  All orders come direct from us.

How To Order:
US and Canada: Order directly from the website, call toll free 1-800-647-5758, or fax or your order to 830-379-0720.
International: If you are not located near any of our international distributors listed below, please email us at (JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address)


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Biotechnology Co., Ltd.

De-Groot Laboratory Equip. LTD.

Funakoshi Co. LTD

Bum Han Commercial Co.
Dong-Il Biotech Co.
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Bio-Cheifdom International Co.
KYS Technology
Orhiyo Enterprise, Inc.

P. Intertrade Equipments Co., Ltd.